DEI Statement

At Cornucopia IT Resourcing, we embrace diversity and inclusion as core principles guiding our approach to talent acquisition. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of background, identity, or experience, are valued and respected.  

We are committed to working with clients who are inclusive and have policies and procedures in place to guard against discrimination of any kind. We work with our partners to ensure there are reasonable adjustments available for all our interviewing candidates. As well as working with a diverse candidate pool we are focused on ensuring our job posts use neutral language that is inclusive and accessible.  

We have regular reviews of our job adverts, ensuring they give an accurate impression of company culture, appeal to relevant candidates and are worded with diversity and inclusion as key considerations.  

Our commitment to diversity extends across every aspect of our work, ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates and clients. We celebrate the unique perspectives and contributions that diversity brings, driving innovation, collaboration, and success.