About Us

Cornucopia are the data and analytics recruitment experts. We’re an independent, owner-operated consultancy offering dedicated personal service to clients and candidates.

We work with top Data and Analytics talent across the industry including: 

• Data Science
• Data Architecture
• Big Data / Data Engineering
• Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
• Software Engineering and Development
• Programme & Project Management
• Business Intelligence

We offer an exclusive one to one consulting service, where together, we review and assess the best strategy for your business using our expertise and experience. 

An integral part of this process is providing our clients with clear insight into their hiring process, refining efficiencies and ultimately saving you both costs and valuable time to onboard top talent that is right for you. 

Cornucopia means a plentiful offering, like the horn of plenty overflowing with fruit. The data and analytics world is overflowing with people and opportunities – but most of them won’t be right for you. We filter that plenty for you, so you never get a bunch of bananas when what you need is a perfectly crisp apple.

To understand more how partnering with Cornucopia could benefit you and your business book a discovery call with one of our Consultants today for some valuable insight.