Cornucopia IQ

We have developed and refined a unique approach to consulting for our clients with strategies that deliver. Cornucopia IQ features a range of cutting-edge candidate assessment steps and an on-line candidate delivery platform giving you not only a tailored but evidence-based hiring strategy. Our premium service is proven to reduce your commercial downtime, cost to hire and greatly improve your retention rate.  

• Save time on your hiring campaigns by viewing profiles online, in a consistent format.
• Reduce the risk of an expensive bad hire with in-depth behavioural assessments.
• 12 month guarantee on all new hires.
• Avoid the disruption of a “bad hire” – 96% of our new placements are still in the role after 12 months.
• Eliminate the stress of hiring campaigns with our interview and onboarding assistance program.

Management Time – the online management portal includes rich features that take away the need for two stages of interview process for most clients, giving their valuable key decision makers time back into their busy schedules.

Effort – we work with our clients to ensure that the we not only understand the spec they provide us with, but that we add value to the process in shaping the personality requirements of the role to ensure the long term fit.

Money – new hire attrition is expensive, CornucopiaIQ ensures the right person for the right job, thus negating this cost and insuring it with up to 12 months guarantee; use our calculator to discover how much we could be saving you.

Understanding how expensive new hire attrition can be painful, but if risk and cost management are high on your agenda Click here to discover Cornucopia IQ. and see what we could do to help your business.

Please note that CornucopiaIQ is our premium service and has limited availability.